My Story

As the CEO & Founder of OracleHawk, I’ve developed a platform that provides users with quick, accurate, and unbiased information about Cryptocurrency & NFTs news in real-time, as well as analyzing data & market trends. I’ve led massive research efforts at multiple crypto media firms, where I produced data insights, cutting-edge reports, and useful tools to help users better understand the complex industry. Prior to that, I was a financial analyst assisting venture capitalists and startups in making smarter decisions through data.

I received my degree in Finance from George Brown College in Toronto Ontario, as well as a numerous competitive certifications including FinTech Law and Policy and Decentralized Finance at Duke University, Bloomberg Market Concepts, Brand Management at the University of London, Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age at the University of Toronto, and Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination at West Virginia University.

By maintaining a contrarian and unbiased perspective on the financial markets, philanthropy efforts, and educational content, I’ve always been focused on consistently providing lots of value for the financial community and other industries.